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To help vendors deliver excellent partner experience (PX) and boost engagement through personalized comms.

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We’re providing a new point of view, with Viewpoint

The Content Matchmaker

When it comes to communicating with several partners at once, monthly email newsletters may seem like a no-brainer. The problem is, you’re not the only vendor competing for valuable headspace. Today’s busy partners don’t have time to sift through multiple one-size-fits-all emails and pick out relevant information.

Therefore, if your comms aren’t personalized, they’ll get ignored.

Having dedicated nearly 20 years to perfecting the art of to-partner comms for countless tech vendors at Purechannels: The Channel Agency, we knew something had to change. So, drawing upon our experiences, challenges, and thousands of partner interviews, we created Viewpoint.

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Delivering on Partner Experience (PX)

Viewpoint is a to-partner comms system that delivers personalized experiences for partners by matchmaking the right vendor content to them at the right time. Designed for vendors of all sizes, you can use Viewpoint to manage all communications or simply run dedicated partner engagement campaigns alongside your usual comms activity. Either way, the result is the same: a better partner experience (PX), more engaged partners, and increased revenue.

Let us show you how Viewpoint gives you the tools to build your best partner comms strategy yet.

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Meet the channel experts behind Viewpoint

Viewpoint has been built in the channel, for the channel, by channel pros who are committed to helping channel organizations thrive. Meet the Viewpoint leaders below and click to connect with them:

Glenn Robertson

As CEO of The Channel Agency, Glenn has a wealth of experience helping vendors, distributors and partners worldwide to transform their channel activity and drive revenue growth through partner experience.

Daren Bach

Having specialized in brand communications for 26 years, Daren is no stranger to helping organizations grow, generate leads and boost revenue through innovation and creative thinking.

Mike Ammann

With 20 years’ experience of building global channel organizations and alliances, Mike is passionate about creating long-term, scalable relationships built on solid communication.

Colin Darbyshire

Colin has worked across sales, marketing, product development and account management for over 25 years.

Trusted by global tech vendors

Since 2005, Purechannels: The Channel Agency has created award winning, engaging comms and bespoke software platforms for some of the world’s biggest technology companies, including:

Get in touch for a free demo and discover how we’re applying that trusted expertise to Viewpoint. In just 30 minutes, you’ll see how Viewpoint’s unique matchmaking technology does all the heavy lifting to share your content, keep partners engaged and fuel your revenue.

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